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Restaurant dining FAQ
  • What dietaries do you cater for?
    We’re happy to cater for: Pescatarians Vegetarians Gluten allergies Nut allergies Seafood allergies Pregnancies Teetotallers (inc. no alcohol in the food) Please just mention this and the quantity required (as in no. of diners) in the dietary requirements box when making your booking (e.g. 1x pescatarian / 2x vegetarian / 1x nut allergy / 1x gluten free etc.) and we'll tailor your courses accordingly.
  • Do you have vegan or dairy free menus?
    Unfortunately not, we’re not able to cater for vegan or dairy free diets (though we can remove/substitute any dairy that's listed on the menu with dairy-free alternatives where possible. However, there will be trace amounts of dairy in the meal and we do use dairy in most of our purees, sauces etc.)
  • Do you have a Halal option?
    Unfortunately we don’t have any halal meat.
  • Can I get a VAT receipt?
    Yes, we’re happy to provide VAT receipts however, cold food deliveries (which is what our WHP at HOME deliveries fall under) is 0% VAT rated so there is no VAT to claim back.

R E S T A U R A N T     D I N I N G

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