Introducing our collaboration with Jonny @ WINEDOG to offer you some spectacular wines in our choice mixed cases. Jonny is our consultant sommelier (& final year student of The Institute of Masters of Wine), who helps us design our wine pairings.


Keeping it simple, we offer four rotating 6-bottle mixed cases, "The Mixed One", "The Premium One", "The Summer One" and "The Down To Earth One" (focusing on low intervention and natural wines). 

Our ethos is grounded in uncovering hidden gems from interesting and esoteric winemakers around the world. You’ll find a wide array of grapes, regions, and styles to dip into, along with notes on climate, geology, winemaking, and pairing for those more detail-inclined.

Click through for further details on this month’s selections. All cases are available in London zones 1-3 to start, (please get in touch if you're based elsewhere), with next day delivery (Wed-Sun) included! 

2 Sparkling, 1 White, 3 Rosé

Our original mix of heavy hitting and very well-priced fine wines (~£25 / bottle)

1 Sparkling, 1 White, 1 Rosé, 1 Orange, 2 Red

Our ramped-up mix of premium fine wines (£25-50 / bottle)

1 Sparkling, 2 White, 3 Red

Our favourite sun-soaking pairings (£14-25 / bottle)

1 Sparkling, 2 White, 3 Red

Our selection of purely organic & natural wines (~£25 / bottle)




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